Winter Workshop

The Eu-HEM Winter Workshop is a three days workshop when the consortium board invites Eu-HEM students’ and stakeholders from across Europe to Innsbruck. During the workshop stakeholders take part in shaping the content and outcomes of the programme’s learning offer. The aim of the Winter Workshop is to offer a master programme which is not only exellent in academic standards but also closely oriented to the European labour market.

The last Winter Workshop was held in Innsbruck 16th-19th of January 2017. Program Winter Workshop 2017

The next Winter Workshop is held in Innsbruck 15th-18th of January 2018. Detailed information will follow soon.

Summer School

The Eu-HEM Summer School is a summer course where all students are invited to take part in a one week course focusing on current topics within European health care. Students take part in lectures, groupwork, presentations and get a chance to meet representatives from large European Health atorities and Health Companies. The aim of the Summer School is to highlight the connection between theory and practice, and to use and improve the soft skills.

The next Summer School is about “Healthcare in the age of large migrations” and will be held in Bertinoro (Italy) from the 12th-16th of June 2017.
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Check last year’s Programme Summer School 2016.


Join our Summer School!

Alive and KICking Rotterdam: Health services redesign to aging-related challenges

This summer we bring internationalization of health care innovation in practice via our 2-week EIT summer school, which starts the 3th of July. The Management Center Innsbruck and the Erasmus University Rotterdam joined hands and created a unique program that allows you to experience both cities and countries.

In response to the aging populations the increased prevalence of multi-morbidity, health services transform from disease programs towards person-centred integrated care. All over Europe new service models have been developed for well-coordinated, pro-active, person-centred, multidisciplinary care for individuals with multiple chronic diseases. Most innovations remain pilot projects. Therefore, we need knowledge on how we can scale up innovative projects in Europe. We need a better understanding how an innovation that proved to be effective can be at value in different local settings.

In this unique program, we address service innovation in the aging society in two different countries: Austria and the Netherlands. You will meet the stakeholders involved in health service innovation in both countries by going on fieldtrips. Then, we compare both the need and the impact of health service innovation. Next to that, we will focus on ‘Leadership in the Healthcare Sector’, so you will learn what is needed to innovate healthcare, and convince stakeholders of their ideas to create an impact. Finally, we ask you to present your findings in two different value propositions: one for Innsbruck, the capital of the alps, and one for the vibrant, global city of Rotterdam. Completing the program will grant you a certificate and 5 ECTS.

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Link:–health-services-redesign-to-aging-related-challenges <–health-services-redesign-to-aging-related-challenges>