The research groups Health Organisation, Management and Ethics, Economic Evaluation of Health Technologies, and Health Economics and Policy in Oslo will provide research based and up-to-date lectures in the three specializations:

  • Management of Health Care Institutions
  • Economic Evaluation
  • Health Economics


To describe and develop more suitable management models, including models for bridging the gap between top managers and clinicians, is the main goal of researchers in the field Health Management.

This goal has evolved because

  • Health care organisations are experiencing a demand for efficiency, quality, and better resource allocation
  • Health care organisations are becoming more complex
  • Tension between clinicians and their managers on one side, and top-level managers and their staff on the other side are increasingly challenging
  • New leadership models and a new level of middle management have emerged in most health care organisations as a response to this tension


The Economic Evaluation reasearch group has published widely in the area of economic evaluation, and has made two important scientific contributions in recent years:

  • It has shown that the value people attach to prolongation of life is a convex function of lifetime. This is in contrast to current methodological approaches that assume a linear function. Further research may pave the way for more appropriate methods in this area.
  • Their research indicates that current methods for measuring quality of life may be flawed, and possibly better methods can be developed.


The Department’s research in health economics and policy has close links to current issues in politics, and has in recent years devoted much attention to:

  • Health care sector funding, including the reimbursement system for hospitals
  • The payment system for primary physicians
  • The financing of long-term care