The research groups GE-iMTA and Health Care Governance at the Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management will provide research based and up-to-date lectures in the three specializations:

  • Economic Evaluation in Health Care
  • Decision Making in Health Care
  • Global Health


GE-iMTA is responsible for research programmes in the field of health economics and more specifically health technology assessment (HTA). The main goal of HTA is to provide a bridge between research and policy. Health equity and accessibility to health care are other prominent research themes in which the GE-iMTA group is nationally and internationally leading. Another important research line is that of equity in the finance and delivery of health care.


The group of Health Care Governance studies the development and consequences of those changing steering arrangements, particularly in the health care sectors. This group tries to answer questions such as:

  • how are power relations affected by the introduction of new modes of governance, and how do these affect the legitimacy of decision-making in the health care sectors?
  • how can we explain the working of different modes of governance in relation to each other (seeing the health care sector as a hybrid of different modes of governance operating at the same time)?
  • how can learning between actors and between levels of organization be improved within the context of the public accountability of actors in the public sector and the growing marketization of health care?


ESHPM is working hard towards further expanding its research themes and educational programmes with regard to global health care. An overview of current key projects and developments is listed below:

  • Health Equity and Financial Protection in Asia (HEFPA)
  • Community Based Health Insurance (CBHI)
  • Rotterdam Global Health Initiative (RGHI)