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Quality Assuranse

The quality of the Eu-HEM programme is pursued through an overarching system of evaluation activities involving both internal and external actors. Internal evaluation is carried out at Consortium level, with specific tools and dedicated procedures as described below. External evaluation includes the national quality assurance systems and the accreditation bodies of the four partner institutions as well as the stakeholders involved in the project. Both internal and external evaluation is within the framework of European Quality Assurance policies for joint programmes.

Internal Quality Assurance

The Eu-HEM Consortium Agreement provides for a specific body which is responsible for the quality enhancement of the programme: the Joint Quality Enhancement Committee. This committee is composed of the Eu-HEM Consortium Board and of policy advisors of all partner institutions; it receives input from student representatives of the tracks, teachers and external advisors. The Joint Quality Enhancement Committee meets at least twice a year and collect quality assessment data and supervise all the issues related to the quality of the programme. The study programme is evaluated on an annual basis. Each year the Joint Quality Enhancement Committee review the programme taking into account both the curricular contents and the services provided. Qualitative and quantitative evidence is collected by means of written reviews (forms, questionnaires), virtual reviews (based on online platforms), face-to-face reviews (during meetings, seminars, workshops, etc.) and is used in order to constantly monitor the quality of the programme and to upgrade and improve when it is deemed necessary.

External Quality Assurance

As far as external evaluation is concerned, it is essential to provide an unbiased view on the quality system. Eu-HEM has been subject to accreditation by the national accreditation bodies of the European countries of the consortium: NOKUT in Norway, AQ in Austria, NVAO in the Netherlands, ANVUR in Italy. UiO has self-accreditation authorisation with respect to master degree´s programmes.

In addition to national accreditation procedures the have a certification of the European Consortium for Accreditation (ECA). The report of the auditors reflects very well that EU-HEM provides an excellent benchmark for quality in internationalisation.

A crucial role for external evaluation is also played by the stakeholder’s. Stakeholder’s have been involved since the very beginning of the Eu-HEM programme and give their opinion on the curriculum development.