Programme Structure

Eu-HEM is a full-time two-year programme. The programme offers both a multidisciplinary approach as well as the opportunity to specialise within your field of interest. Learning activities are organised in four semesters, for 120 credits in total. From 2021 onwards, we will be offering an updated programme.

For Eu-HEM students from cohort 2020-2022 who want to see their programme structure, please visit this page.


  • The first semester is aimed at acquiring fundamentals of Economics, Management, Statistics and Econometrics. These courses are complemented by an introduction to Ethics and electives on Political Sciences and Law. The first semester courses are offered at the University of Bologna.
  • The second and third semesters are devoted to the development of advanced and specialised skills on current issues in the healthcare sector. Eu-HEM students choose one out of four specialisation tracks. Each specialization track is taught by two of the partner universities in cooperation, and students spend one semester at each university delivering the track.
  • The fourth semester is dedicated to the master thesis. Students will write a scientific master thesis on a topic related to one of the subjects covered within the specialisation of their choice. The objective of the thesis is to show that the student is able to perform scientific research individually and to report and discuss the study and its conclusions in a clear way. Suggestions for a master thesis topic can be made by the student, a lecturer or an external party from the public or private sector.


Semester Activity Location No. of ECTS
1st semester
Fundamentals of Health Economics Bologna  


Fundamentals of Healthcare Management 5 ECTS
Statistics for Healthcare (two levels) 5 ECTS
Econometrics (two levels) 5 ECTS
Our right to health: needs, resources and society 5 ECTS
Elective: International law and health OR Health systems 5 ECTS
2nd semester

Track Economics & Policy



Track Economic Evaluation Rotterdam
Track Management of Healthcare Institutions Oslo
Track Population Health Management Innsbruck
3rd semester
Continuation of Specialisations:

Track Economics & Policy



Track Economic Evaluation Oslo
Track Management of Healthcare Institutions Innsbruck
Track Population Health Management Rotterdam
4th semester
Thesis All locations 30 ECTS

Note: Courses offered within the specialisations are subject to change and accreditation procedures. Please refer to the relevant local university website or local coordinator for the latest updates

Learning Outcomes

During the Eu-HEM programme, students will develop competences and expertise in the fields of health economics, healthcare management, health policy, and health law and regulation. Students will also acquire skills in essential analytical methods.

Eu-HEM prepares students for roles as staff and executive positions in organisations, institutions and companies related to the global healthcare market. A key to the fulfilment of a steady job in this sector is awareness of the societal relevance of healthcare and the constraints imposed by social rules, regulations and the law.

The following overall intended learning outcomes are defined for the Eu-HEM programme as a whole:

  • Students can apply the relevant methodological and analytical skills to share scientific and technical knowledge with health policy and healthcare organisations.
  • Students can apply the advanced and practical skills in the field of health economics and management in health policy, businesses and healthcare organisations.
  • Students can develop an interdisciplinary understanding of challenges in healthcare policy and management.
  • Students fulfil the academic and methodological requirements for a PhD programme in the field of health economics and management.

Prospective Students

Our courses assume a certain level of prior knowledge. Given the variety in backgrounds of our students, some students may require some preparatory online material to refresh their knowledge in areas such as statistics. This will be made available online for Eu-HEM students once necessary.