The European Master in Health Economics and Management is a full time programme. Learning activities are organised according to the following plan for 120 credits in total.

4th semester Thesis work
3rd semester Specialisation
2nd semester Specialisation
1st semester Fundamental courses
Credits 30 ECTs credits per semester
  • Fundamental courses: the first semester is aimed at acquiring the fundamentals of economics, management, law, policy sciences and research methods relevant to the healthcare sector. The fundamental courses are offered at each of the partner universities.
  • Specialisation: during the first semester, when taking the funtamental courses, Eu-HEM students need to choose one specialisation track for the 2nd semester.
  • Thesis work: students are required to write a scientific Master thesis on a topic that is related to one of the subjects covered in the Eu-HEM programme. The objective of the thesis is to show that the student is able to perform scientific research individually and to report the study and its conclusions in a clear way. Suggestions for a master thesis topic are made by the student, a lecturer or an interested party from industry.