2nd semester (Oslo):

Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Comple-mentary Elective
HECON4210 HECON4220 HECON4230 HECON4250 HECON4240/HECON4260/


Elective(See below)

3rd semester (Bologna):

Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Profession Complementary Elective

List of electives (Oslo):

HMAN4210 – Leadership and management

HMAN4220 – Health organization development and design

HFIN4210 – Finance

HFIN4220 – Investments

HFIN4230 – Cost accounting

HFIN4240 – Budgeting

HEVAL4200 – Fundamentals of economic evaluation in health care

HEVAL5120 – Modeling in economic evaluation I

HMET5120- Qualitative methods

HMAN5200 – Topics in Health Management

HGOV5200 – Topics in Health Policy

HMAN4230 – Internship (if you choose this course you cannot choose Internship at UNiBO)

HECON4240 (elective if not already chosen as a complementary course)