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Four top universities across Europe, one joint master degree

Four top universities across Europe, one joint master’s degree

Are you the one to take on national health challenges worldwide? Not by becoming a doctor but by managing tough problems from both an economic and political perspective? The European Master in Health Economics and Management will get you the right skills, relevant to 21st century challenges.

You start at the University of Bologna (Italy) and have the unique opportunity to study abroad in 3 other different cities: Rotterdam in the Netherlands, Oslo in Norway, and Innsbruck in Austria. To develop skills that will get you into international healthcare organisations, NGO’s or research institutions.

Your adventure starts in Bologna, the rest is up to you

During this two-year master’s programme, you will study at three out of four partnering universities. The first semester starts in Bologna, the second, third and final semester are up to you.

You will select one out of four tracks. This will determine at which universities you will study during your 2nd and 3rd semester. You will finalise your master’s programme with a master thesis. Which can be done at each partnering university.

Studying abroad; more than acquiring knowledge

The experience of living abroad, making international friends and learn to move in different cultural environments, is unique. You will grow as a person and develop necessary skills to stand your ground in the international healthcare environment.

Curious about the universities? Check out their programme, facilities and city highlights.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

University of Bologna

University of Oslo

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School®

The world is open to you after eu-hem

Your dreamjob is out there. You just have to find out what it is and make the right decision during your masters to get there. Sounds easy right? It can be, but for many students it isn’t. Therefor, we try to give you access to different fields of interest. Through the different tracks but also during the events we organise. You meet many people during the master programme, all can help you to get where you want. Or help you find out where you want to be. 

To give you an idea about the job opportunities, our students end up at many different places across the world. You can work at consultancy firms, govenment organisations, ngo’s, small companies, pharmaceutical organisations, there are plenty of opportunities. 

Facts and figures 2022

24 countries represented by our students

Average rate out of 100


success rate


Found a job within 6 months

You are welcome!

We organize all sorts of events around the programme and it’s tracks. Feel welcomed at our welcome days, get an extra boost at the summer school, plan your future at the career event and top it of with our graduation ceremony!

Study hard, have fun doing it and plot your future, check out our events page for more info.

We hope to see you soon!


Then you are definitely a good fit for the Eu-HEM programme. Qualifications are not the main reason to be selected. Curious about the experience of our students? Check out our video series Eu-HEM across Europe.