Frequently Asked Questions


I don’t have a bachelor in Health, Economics, or Management. Can I apply for this master?
You can apply with any bachelor’s degree that meets the standards as described on the University of Oslo application website. If you have a different background, make sure to explain in your motivation why you wish to switch to this master.


I have a GPA of…, will I be selected?
There is a minimum GPA requirements in order to be eligible for this master, the Norwegian grade C. However, as this is a selective master, students usually need to have a much higher GPA to be selected.


I followed my previous education in English. Can I be exempted from the English language test requirement?
The University of Oslo English language requirement webpage offers detailed information about possible reasons for exemption from the English Language test requirement.


I would like to apply but I won’t have a valid English language test before the deadline. Can I apply and send it later?
No, a valid English language test must be submitted before the application deadline.


I expect to obtain my bachelor’s degree this Summer. Can I already apply for the programme?
If you are an EU/EEA Swiss applicant, you can. You must submit your final bachelor diploma at the latest by early August. If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss applicant, you must have completed your bachelor degree at the time of application.


How are my chances in the labour market after completing this master?
The EU-HEM master offers great career perspectives. Nearly all our graduates have already found a job in the field at the time they graduate.


Do I have to choose a track already in my application?
No, you don’t have to choose a track/specialisation until you have started the programme. Students choose their track in October, when you have a good idea what each track is about and which one would suit best with your interest.


Is it possible to do the master part-time?
No, the EU-HEM master is a full-time programme only.


Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) Scholarships. Please note that new EMJMD scholarships will not be available for academic year 21/22, this section thus regards current students only

What’s the difference between partner countries and programme countries?
Programme countries are all EU countries, plus Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Macedonia. All other countries are Partner countries.


I have a non-EU nationality and I have just completed my bachelor in an EU member state. I read somewhere that this affects the EMJMD scholarship. How much will I receive if I’m selected?
Students from partner countries who have lived for more than 12 months in a programme country in the last 5 years, count as programme country students. This affects the participation fee, but as the participation fee is directly paid to the university and not to the student, you would not notice the difference in the grant that you would receive. There are however fewer grants available for students from programme countries, so it might affect your chances of being selected for an EMJMD grant.
You should note however, that if during our master you study for one semester or more in the country where you were an official resident at the time of application, you will not receive living allowance for the time that you study in what is officially considered your country of residence.
The amount for travel costs and installation costs is calculated taking into account your official place of residence at the time of the application, regardless of your nationality.


When will I hear if I have been awarded an EMJMD grant or not?
The EMJMD selction will be complete and result sent out in the end of April.


If I’m not selected for the EMJMD grant, will I automatically be placed on the reserve list?
We will make a reserve list of max. 20 candidates, as we don’t expect more cancellations or withdrawals. Students are placed on the reserve list based on the ranking.


If I’m not selected for the EMJMD grant, can I still participate in the programme as a self-paying student?
We make a distinction between being admitted to the master, and being selected for the scholarship. We can only allocate 15 EMJMD scholarships, but there are 80 places in the programme in total. So there are 65 places for self-paying students available! It is important to note that if you want to participate in the programme as a self-financed student, you must also submit the documentation of financing in the application.


I’m currently living in Italy. I would like to move country as little as possible. Can I please start in Bologna?
The EMJMD grant stipulates that you must have at least 2 mobilities covering at least 30 ECTS during your programme. If you already live in Italy and you would start in Bologna, then your first semester would not count as a mobility as you would stay in the country where you live. Therefore you would still have to take 2 semesters at other universities to fulfill the grant requirement.
You should also note that you would not receive living allowance during the time that you study in your country of residence.


If I receive the EMJMD grant, can I still apply for the Erasmus+ mobility grant for studies to for my mobilities during the programme?
No, you cannot apply for the Erasmus+ mobility grant as an EMJMD scholarship holder. Your EMJMD scholarship already covers travel allowance and monthly allowance.


I don’t have enough money to buy a ticket myself. Could you buy a flight ticket for me, or send me an advance of my allowance?
No, unfortunately we can’t do this. You will receive your travel allowance and first instalment of your monthly living allowance shortly upon arrival. Please make sure you have enough funds to advance travel costs and living costs for a few days.