Application and enrollment journey

non-EU students

Looking to join our programme? This is what your application and enrollment is about

As you understand by now, we offer a combined programme with four universities in Europe. We support you along your application and enrollmentprocess. Start by downloading our checklist. It will help you to take each step.

Please be aware that this page describes your enrollment through the University of Oslo. If you enroll via MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® your enrollment is different. Read all about enrollment for both EU and non-EU students through The Entrepreneurial School® here.

Start by getting in

Applications run mid October 2023 – mid November 2023

Apply through the University of Oslo

Application for non-eu students opens mid October 2023. Since all application are handled by the University of Oslo, you’ll apply through their website.

Upload your documents

In order to complete your application, you need to upload the following documents:

  • documentation of English language proficiency
  • official certificate/diploma and transcript of Secondary Education
  • bachelor’s degree certificate and academic transcript
  • copy of your passport
  • official translations of documents
  • Curriculum Vitae
Write your motivation letter

Make it count, make it outstanding and be sure to secure your spot in the Eu-HEM programme. We know you can do it.

Complete the declaration form

With the declaration form you declare that you are aware of the participation costs and take the responsibility to pay them.

Wait for your results to come in 4th of April!

We handle each application very carefully and discuss them with the joint admission board. You will receive the results of your application around the 4th of April 2024. Once your results are in, you can check them through the online portal Søknadsweb, by the University of Oslo.

Accept the offer before the 7th of April

If you get into our programme, you will receive an official letter of admission with our offer. It’s very important that you accept your offer withing 7 days. You can do so, through the online portal Søknadsweb.

Create your studielink account

Ok, the most important stuff is done by know. You’re in!! However, now you need to take care of all kinds of things to be able to study at the various universities. Start by creating your studielink account.

The Erasmus University Rotterdam is handling the next steps of your enrollment. Please be aware that Studielink is not owned by the Erasmus University Rotterdam, it’s a government owned platform for all Dutch educational institutions.

Needless to say, you only need to create a studielink account if you have an offer of Eu-HEM. Registrations through Studielink without an offer are not admitted.

Register at UniBo

You will start your first semester at the University of Bologna. Therefor you need to creat an account here. This is your student portal during the programme.

Pay your participation fees before 1st of August

Participation fees are paid at the Erasmus University. You will receive an email with the payment instructions and payment link directly from the Erasmus University. Please be aware that participation fees need to be paid in two payments. Both payments need to be done before the 1st of August 2023. You cannot start the programme without a complete payment.

Managed to get in? Congrats!

Time to get ready for your Eu-HEM journey. Make sure to take all steps before the 1st of August, otherwise you cannot start our programme.

Other things to take care off

Please start in time to start your year well organized. Start asap after you got in!

Apply for your visa

Depending on your country of origin, you need to arrange your visa. Please start in time since it might be challenging to get it in time.

Start with your pre-enrollment through the Universitaly portal. You will choose the Embassy / Consulate at which you will apply for the entry visa for Italy. A step-by-step instruction can be found at the University of Bologna.

Find a place to stay

Getting into a nice house can be challenging in Bologna, so make sure to start early. Looking for a room in a dorm? Please checkout:

During your enrollment process, we will also prevent you with a list of housing options.

You can also check out Facebook or online ads but please be careful! Never send money beforehand.

Arrange healthcare insurance

There is two ways to organise heatlhcare insurance:

National Health Service

Apply for a voluntary registration with the National Health Service and with a General Practitioner. You pay an annual lump sum fee. The policy is valid for a calendar year (expiring 31st of December).

Private health insurance

You can take out private health insurance for the duration of the study programme. It covers all risks and doesn’t require registration with the SSN or with a General Practitioner. Be aware that private health insurances usually require you to first pay for all expenses and later ask for a reimbursement. Since expense can be high, make sure to check how to obtain the refund and if limits apply to it.

More information about health insurance can be at the University of Bologna.

Attend the online information meeting

In order to prepare you for the start of the programme, we organize an online information meeting. You’ll get to know the local coordinators of the programme and get possibility to ask your questions regarding the enrollment, programme or other things you might be wondering about. You will get the invite per email.

Start dreaming about your time abroad

Studying abroad is an unique experience. Dreaming about it, is half the fun already. Curious what it’s like to study abroad or where you might be haning out with your new buddies? Check our video series Eu-HEM across Europe.

Apply for your residence permit

Within 8 days from your arrival, you must apply for a residence permit. For country specific procedures, check . We will help you fill in the forms, so please remember to bring:

  • passport-size picture
  • copy of your passport
  • student VISA
Looking to learn Italian?

That’s alway a good idea!! You can attend an Italian language courses at the University Language Centre. The courses run between September and December.

Some final things for a smooth stay

At this point, you took care of everything you need in order to start. 

If your coming from a non-eu country, applications takes about 4 till 5 months. So think ahead and make efforts before the application opens!

Deepak Kumar, Eu-HEM student from Pakistan

Not sure about the programme?

Maybe you’re not sure if you’re a good fit with Eu-HEM? Of worry about studying abroad? We get you. Check out some of our student’s video and find out why you should sign up for Eu-HEM.

Other questions? Check out the frequently asked questions.